Boston Trip 2017 – Day 4

Today we had a relaxing morning at Grandma’s house while she worked (so jelly that she gets to work from home everyday!). Then, we headed to Kowloon for lunch. This place has been here for years, it’s got a great Polynesian theme, and Brian was dying to have a tiki drink. Turns out the food was great too. Here’s a few pics from our lunch. Don’t forget to hover over the pictures to see the captions or click on the photos to scroll them them in a larger format.

After a little more relaxing after lunch Brian and I got dressed to head out for date night. We were so excited to hear that Wicked was in town so we immediately bought some tickets for Wednesday night. Grandma and Grandpa graciously agreed to watch the kids so we could have one kid-free night out. We made plans to have dinner at Legal Crossing before the show so I could get a little seafood in. After dinner we walked hand-in-hand through sketchy areas of Chinatown and enjoy cream puffs at Beard Papa.

Meanwhile, Grandma and Grandpa took the kids over to Revere Beach to collect some sea shells. They had a blast and couldn’t stop talking about it the next day. And, we got some gorgeous pictures courtesy of Grandma.

Tomorrow, we visit the New England Aquarium.

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