Boston Trip 2017 – Day 5

Today is aquarium day!

We got up early enough to have Dunkin’ Donuts today. We figured why not start off the day loaded with sugar and calories since we’d be walking a lot. As you can see, the calories I had for breakfast were almost as much as I was allowed for the whole day. Oh hell, I’m on vacation and I’ll eat a donut (or three) if I feel like it!

Here are some picks from our trip to the New England Aquarium. The kids had a blast. We did leave at 1:00 to see the Saving The Sea Turtles IMAX movie and then walked over to Quincy Market to have lunch. Then, we returned to the aquarium to finish what we missed before the movie. It was such a fun family day. Enjoy the photos and don’t forget to hover over the pics to see the captions or click on one to scroll larger photos.

Tomorrow, we’re going to the Boston Science Museum with Grandma!

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